Clodhoppers is FREE on!

The first official Clodhoppers prototype is now available for FREE on itch!

We revealed the build yesterday at Riverside Games Night in Sheffield where several gamers got to experience the joy of lobbing crates and bombs at each other. With four players on-board for the entire night we ended up the last game there, having to ask the players for one final game just so we could get home to sleep!

Although this prototype is still extremely early, we hope it’s fun to play with a friends huddled around your telly.

Clodhoppers at Riverside Games Night 5

Clodhoppers at Riverside Games Night 5

What’s included?

First draft 2-4 player brawling, crate throwing, shotguns, bombs, and a variety of level experiments.

What isn't there yet? 99% of the game! Much of the artwork is placeholder, no audio, unrefined close combat, no online play, single weapon, no enemies, no single player, and more! 


  • Windows or OSX with game controllers
    (tested with wired PS4 and XBox 360 pads)

  • A friend or friends to play with (local multiplayer only)

Also, remember we’re doing the entire development in public via our Discord.


Cletus Clay makes a big screen comeback at #gamayo

At GaMaYo in Leeds last night, Cletus returned for the first time in almost a decade!

Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 13.34.27.png

Much has changed in the intervening years. The clay may have dried and started to crumble but some things remain intact and as certain as they ever were. Catching your teammate off guard with a cheeky shotgun blast to the nether regions can draw a smile from the most sullen of faces. A crate eagerly lobbed across the screen striking a glancing blow, an over ambitious dropkick which misses the intended target but strikes happily on your friend's chin - it warmed the hearts of our players on a cold winters night in Leeds.

There were interesting talking points about the production back then too and buckets of love for the clay models and animation - such a shame Anthony Flack couldn't join us from his home in New Zealand!


Showing an unfinished 10-year-old game did come with some concerns. However, we left encouraged as the zany gameplay and Hillbilly characters had lost none of their charm or potency. The spirit of Cletus endures and we continue with renewed vigor that maybe, just maybe he has a place in today's market.

One last thing. A massive thank you to Fee Laming and Jamie Sefton for organising the GaMaYo and Game Republic events and providing us with a screen the size of a skyscraper to demo on. Vital for the well being and sanity of game developers in the region. Next event in May 2019, make sure you’re there :)