Meet the Team



Game designer, bass player, artist and sometime clay animator Anthony is best-known for creating the cult clay-animated shooter Platypus way back when you were young. Also works on Eufloria RPG which, sadly, doesn’t involve clay.



Bitcoin enthusiast and lover of Tuna, Alex is usually found on a football pitch or at a rock bar. He has been known to work on games such as Eufloria and, many moons ago, Alien Hominid. Yearns for the days of Gameboy programming in assembler.



Long time games programmer, consumer of tea and chicken keeper. Stuart can be found making games during the day and dreaming about making games at night. Photo is a WIP. Previously known as king code monkey for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.



A Swiss Army Knife of game art, perhaps. Occasional gurner, yes. 2008 PAX 10 finalist, a verified fact. Mal is never happier than when knee deep in game-dev or perhaps when ripping down a trail centre on a mountain bike - close call.



Software Engineer working out of East Asia, Unity master and creator of the original and best timeline solution uSequencer! Recently also providing support on SnipperClips, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Eufloria RPG.