Online play is go

For the last couple of months, Stu has been hard at work writing the Clodhoppers prototype in an all new engine, Quantum/Photon from Exit Games. A few days ago some lovely fans from our Discord server joined us to do the first 8 player test.


Thanks to our very first streamer, V, you can see our brilliant successes and even more amazing fails on Twitch.

The best fail of all was that dead bodies could bounce around and even throw a few punches, oops. Platypus speed run expert Orandza also has videos here and here :)

If you’d like to join in the fun, keep an eye out for more tests next week in #clodhoppers on Discord. Hopefully a few less dead-alive jumping bodies this time.

What else have we been up to? Discussing adding a personalised room just for you, where you can invite your friends to play. Find out more in #clodhoppers-dev and help us decide what to work on next.

Thanks to the following for helping us through the birthing phase:

V, Orandza, _sirJames, Cloud, Murrax2, Undriel

Till next time!

Alex, Anthony, Stu and Mal :)

Clodhoppers is FREE on!

The first official Clodhoppers prototype is now available for FREE on itch!

We revealed the build yesterday at Riverside Games Night in Sheffield where several gamers got to experience the joy of lobbing crates and bombs at each other. With four players on-board for the entire night we ended up the last game there, having to ask the players for one final game just so we could get home to sleep!

Although this prototype is still extremely early, we hope it’s fun to play with a friends huddled around your telly.

Clodhoppers at Riverside Games Night 5

Clodhoppers at Riverside Games Night 5

What’s included?

First draft 2-4 player brawling, crate throwing, shotguns, bombs, and a variety of level experiments.

What isn't there yet? 99% of the game! Much of the artwork is placeholder, no audio, unrefined close combat, no online play, single weapon, no enemies, no single player, and more! 


  • Windows or OSX with game controllers
    (tested with wired PS4 and XBox 360 pads)

  • A friend or friends to play with (local multiplayer only)

Also, remember we’re doing the entire development in public via our Discord.